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The Migraine Society

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What is The Migraine Society?

The Migraine Society was built to empower you with reliable information and a supportive community. We are made up by amazing, kind, and respectful people from all over the world who have been brought together by our desire to learn, grow, and commune with our fellow migraineurs.

No More Guessing.

Is coffee bad? Is magnesium a miracle? Can keto cure migraine for good?

Trying to google questions like these will send you down a rabbit-hole of contradicting answers that may or may not be accurate. The Migraine Society provides you with an extensive database full of articles backed by science and written by a healthcare professional you know and trust. You'll also find information on common diets (like Heal Your Headache and Keto) as well as super-easy recipes you can try tonight! 

Best of all, The Migraine Society is updated and added to monthly to ensure you always have access to the newest, most relevant information available. 

Connect With Your People

The Migraine Society is open to migraineurs around the world! Connect and create friendships in an environment free from well-meaning people telling you to "just drink water" or "take an advil".

Attend Live Virtual Events

Chatting online is fun, but connecting face to face is even better! Each month you'll be able to attend live events including Q&A's with Kelli, interviews with experts, cooking demos, stories from people managing migraine successfully, and more.

Each event is recorded and saved within The Society for members who can't attend live or for rewatching later on.

What you'll find within The Society:

  • A regularly-updated library full of evidence-based information about migraine, nutrition, supplements, diets, recipes, and more that you can reference again and again
  • How-to guides to help you through elimination diets, gut healing, and other DIY solutions for migraine
  • A community space where you can chat with your fellow Society members, ask questions, and receive support
  • Monthly live events including Q&A's with Kelli, cooking demos, guest speakers, and more
  • New content added monthly to keep you up to date

What people are saying about The Migraine Society:

Hey there!

I'm Kelli, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. You might know me as The Migraine Dietitian, but what you may not know is that I'm also a fellow migraineur with over 20 years of experience navigating the world of migraine. It is my sincerest hope that you find this community helpful, inspiring, and a resource you can refer to again and again! 

See you inside!

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